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#3,000 rating: 3/5

It's worth taking sometime to give some credits as deserve. Service quality at it's best and no hidden charges, very generous people. All the very best.

#2,782 rating: 5/5

1000 Rupies for 15min massage is too expensive. Other places offer 60 min massage for 2500 Rupies. Also they offer hair removal paste which is actually "Veet" repacked to some small 60ml bottle and they sell ... read more

#2,725 rating: 1/5

Good place to work out and there are lot of new machines, also friendly instructors and good schedules provided. You must visit this this place to fulfill your future dream figure. I can also recommend that this is a goo... read more

#2,661 rating: 5/5

Cheap and best clothing store, I visited here. choice for gents in this area is Max Selection. Their website also available. This place is added on Google Ma so you can find location easily.... read more

#2,470 rating: 4/5

I am totally disappointed with the service, anyone doesn't know correct sample collection and test procedures in the laboratory, very lazy careless staff. no any responsible person even to complain. Not recommended ... read more

#2,423 rating: 1/5

Welikadamulla is very old village situated in between Kalu-ela and Negombo Road.Population is mainly Sinhalese, There is a 200 year old Catholic Church and two old Buddhist Temples namely Valukaramaya and Parana Pansala.... read more

#2,411 rating: 4/5

I would select no stars if I could. Worst place ever! Never ever book for a reception. Aweful management and you will meet an uneducated grumpy woman snooping and the owner who changes their prizes and words time to ... read more

#2,407 rating: 1/5

where is this nie at vavniya? plz give me the vavuniya NIE phone number? i want a primary teaching in vavuniya district now what i am doing? am i join the NIE at vavuniya? how to apply for NIE vavuniya?

#2,404 rating: 1/5

niyamai jaya, elakiri, digatama karagena yamu., api innawa bokkenma support ekatah udarata hollamu,thawa kattiyata atha demu godata gammu, elakiri jaya jaya wewa

#2,362 rating: 5/5