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Comfortable, Good food, friendly staff, very good customer service. Excellent place for a holiday. Can experience misty weather and Breataking views of mountains. The place is bordering to a water stream with natural poo... read more

#3,507 rating: 5/5

BE AWARE FOOD POISONING Got to know about this place when it was small and energetic right next the Fab Maharagama. Food tasted great. Now however things worked out differently for me.. Last night stepped in to the n... read more

#3,463 rating: 1/5

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#3,435 rating: 5/5

Arrived at 12:30. Went on a great safari at 2:30 and saw loads of elephants. Came back to a cold beer and great dinner. Good night sleep. Great breakfast. Super nice people! All at a very fair price. The owner has bee... read more

#3,253 rating: 5/5

hi how to join and book the court what are the times , please contacts thru e mail aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbccccccccccccccccccccccccggggggggggggg

#3,252 rating: 3/5

A GREAT PLACE TO BUY BEATS HEADSETS AND GOT EXPRESS DELIVERED WITHIN TWO HOURS Excellent prodect and service Best customer care Awsum Watch its shows our heart beat and calls and text from friends and family members ... read more

#3,172 rating: 5/5

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#3,000 rating: 3/5

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